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UConn Paper Calls for Yosemite Preservation


    The other day I pointed to the work of Chance Finegan, a high school junior in Tennessee who has launched a blog about parks because of his concerns over their future. Well, today's there's another sign that there are a number of other young Americans who don't intend to be the last children in the woods.
    From Storrs, Connecticut, home of the University of Connecticut, the editorial board of the Daily Campus, obviously following the battle over development in Yosemite Valley, has opined that Yosemite should not be overrun by visitors.
    A slow deterioration of Yosemite, due to human traffic and overuse is counter-productive to the mission of the park. Human encroachment and commercialization of land has threatened to destroy the beauty of many natural ecosystems in this country, reads part of the editorial. Yosemite, and many other parks like it, were created to ensure that these habitats survive for future generations to enjoy. If overuse its contributing to the destruction of the ecosystem, then another course of action has to be taken to ensure the survival of Yosemite.
    ....Yosemite is a national park that should be treasured. Ensuring its survival should be of the utmost importance. If that means restricting the number of visitors, then that is what needs to be done. Further, construction that would damage the habitat should not be allowed. There is not point in setting aside the land for a national park if it is not going to be protected.

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