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Dry Tortugas' Dying Coral Reefs


Drtosnorkeling_copy_1    Growing up, I harbored an interest in learning how to scuba dive. Floating weightless through azure warms the temperature of a tepid bathtub, surrounded by fish colored by the rainbow, was a mesmerizing image.
    Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to work that into my life. Oh, I did scuba dive once, for about 40 minutes in a warm spring just off the Great Salt Lake that actually had been salted with marine life that thrived in the warm waters, but that was it.
    So I sate this unfulfilled aspect of my life by reading about diving and divers and marine life. And that led me to a fascinating, and saddening, article about coral reefs in Dry Tortugas National Park off the tip of Florida. Sad because it's a story of dying reefs.
    Titled "America's Deepest Coral Reef," this story by Tim Taylor can be found here.

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