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Death Valley In Winter: A Winner


    Twice I’ve sweated out summer visits to Death Valley, the hottest place in the Western Hemisphere. Just once I’d like to enjoy a winter visit to the park, one of the few in the park system that don’t require you to shiver between December and April.
Devafurnace_creek_inn2_copy    Winter at Death Valley means summer-like high temperatures ranging from the mid-60s in January to 80 in March. Not only are these conditions optimal for hiking, but they’re perfect for golf at the Furnace Creek golf course, where the elevation of 214 feet below sea level guarantees some pretty sluggish shots off your driver.
    Furnace Creek’s golf packages start at $212 per couple, including accommodations and green fees. While non-golf-related stays at the posh Furnace Creek Inn can be pricey, starting at $265, those at the ranch with its cabins and motel units begin at $116. To book a stay or check out these packages, visit this site call 888-297-2757.
    Not to be overlooked during a Death Valley trip anytime of year is a visit to Scotty’s Castle. This palatial mansion in Grapevine Canyon started out to be an early 1900s winter retreat for Chicago insurance tycoon Albert Johnson but became a year-round home for “Death Valley Scotty,” a somewhat eccentric cowboy-turned-schemer-turned-Death-Valley-raconteur.

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