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Lodging Deals Make Early Season Trips To Denalia, Glacier Bay Tempting


    True, it's a looonnnggg way from the Lower 48 to the great state of Alaska. And perhaps that's why the concessionaires at Glacier Bay and Denali national parks are offering some deals for travel early next season.
    At Glacier Bay, you can get a two-for-one deal at Glacier Bay Lodge between May 25th and June 17th. Spend $150 for one night's stay, and you stay the next night for free. Visit the Glacier Bay Lodge link for the details.
    Over at Denali, you can get a similar two-for-one deal at the McKinley Chalet Resort, Grande Denali Lodge, McKinley Village Lodge or the Denali Bluffs Hotel. The rate is a bit higher than at Glacier Bay, though, at $199.
    And don't forget, there are additional taxes and fees on top of these base rates.
    For more information on these and other packages offer at Denali, check out this website.

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