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Grand Canyon Skywalk: Will It Happen?


Grcaskywalk1_copy     If someone built a glass-bottomed platform off an edge of the Grand Canyon, would you walk out onto it? The Hualapia Tribe is betting you will.
    It's a novel concept. Think of the view some 4,000 feet down that you'd have of the Grand Canyon. But for someone who struggles with vertigo just standing near the edge of the canyon, I'm not sure I'd pay for the privilege to walk out over that big hole in the ground. Others, I'm sure, would relish the thought.
    But the question right now is whether the tribe can pull off this attraction on the canyon's West Rim just beyond the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. According to a story in the Arizona Republic, more than a few problems must be resolved. There have been construction delays, insurance questions, and access is via 14 miles of unpaved road.
    You can see some construction photos here. But stay tuned, folks. This is not a done deal.



A complete eyesore on the edge of the canyon.

More. Because this really boils. The question shouldn't be "Will it Happen" but "Should It Happen". Building what amounts to a thrill attraction on the edge of a national treasure is an abomination. Not to mention that the project isn't inspected by any governmental safety authority, there's inadequate phone service should a disaster happen and in the event people are killed or injured there, their only recourse is to a tribal court with a definite conflict of interest. Will it happen? I hope not. Should it happen? A big no.

How good could the engineering be if they can't do the simple math (subtraction) needed to calculate the depth of the view? Canyon floor = approx 2,000' elevation. Skywalk = approx 4,000' elevation. So how far down are you looking? Remember, they aren't providing x-ray goggles so you can look 2,000' through the bedrock.

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