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Final Round: Your Favorite National Park


    After four weeks the field in the "favorite national park" poll has made some interesting twists and turns, leaving us with eight finalists that reflect an overwhelming affinity for the Rocky Mountains.
    Round four attracted 77 votes, with the bulk -- 25 -- going to Bryce Canyon National Park. Not far behind was Grand Teton, which garnered 21 votes. Third-place went to Denali, while Capitol Reef and Crater Lake were tied for fourth.
    So where does that leave us? With an interesting field, that's for sure. The finalists, in no particular order, are Glacier, Yellowstone, Zion, Olympic, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Grand Teton, and Bryce Canyon.
    It is somewhat surprising that some "name-brand" parks such as Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Great Smoky Mountains, didn't make the cut. It will indeed be interesting to see which of the eight finalists comes out on top when the results are tallied next Sunday.

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