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Favorite Parks: Round Three


    Another poll, another round of surprises. I mean, in a pool that contained such big names as Mammoth Cave, Redwood and Shenandoah national parks, who would have figured that none of those would have finished among the top two vote-getters in the second round of balloting for your favorite national park?
     Trouncing the field was Zion National Park, which amassed 29 of the 108 votes cast. (Yes, ironically, just as 108 votes were cast in the first poll, 108 were cast in the second. What are the odds of that?)
    Second was Olympic National Park, which, when you round the votes, received 20. Back in third was Arches, with 13 votes, while Isle Royale stood fourth, with nine.
    So, with two rounds of voting complete, Glacier, Yellowstone, Zion and Olympic have grabbed slots in the finals. Round three starts today and runs for a week.

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