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Surf Over To the Wildebeat


    As this blog is dedicated to life in and around the national park system, I rarely venture beyond that realm, either in my posts or in the links I provide to websites and other blogs. But, as they say, for every rule there's an exception.
    The latest exception is The Wildebeat, a self-described "audio journal about getting into the wilderness." Steve Sergeant, the podcast's producer and host, extends his microphone near and far to produce, basically, a radio magazine that provides news and features on the outdoors.
    "The WildeBeat is an audio journal — like a radio news magazine — presenting news and features to help you explore the Earth's remaining wild places. Each week, we publish a 10 minute documentary piece catered to the needs of people who enjoy wilderness recreation," he explains.
    Along with taking listeners to such places as the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Jennie Lakes Wilderness of the Sequoia National Forest, Steve's site provides gear reviews and even tips on how to backpack light. It's an interesting, steadily expanding, site you should check out regularly if you're into the out-of-doors.

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