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Arches NP Spared View of Drilling Rigs


Archdelicate_copy_2     Even the energy-minded U.S. Bureau of Land Management realizes an incredible view when it sees one. That, apparently, is what spurred BLM officials in Utah to withdraw a potential oil and gas lease parcel from the landscape behind Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.
    The site, according to Henri Bisson, the agency's acting Utah director, was outside the park but just four miles from the arch and was easily in sight from the arch.
    Demonstrating that wildlife also can be a concern, Bisson said the agency also withdrew nine other parcels near Arches from energy exploration, saying they would have impacted bighorn sheep habitat, lambing grounds, or migratory routes.


Sounds like we need a proposal to add the area behind Delicate Arch to within the boundaries of Arches National Park....

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