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Weather Slowing Road Opening in Glacier NP


    For anyone planning a trip to Glacier National Park in the immediate future, be forewarned that the Going-to-the-Sun Road that crosses the park is not yet fully open. Although it's mid-June, weather is working against crews who have been trying to get the popular road open for weeks.
    First there were heavy snows that needed to be cleared. While that task seemed to be in hand last week, with the road being opened from the eastern entrance at St. Mary to Logan Pass on Saturday, heavy rains have snarled plans to get the entire stretch on the west side from Apgar Village to Logan Pass open this week.
    Two days of rain have generated small stream flooding and spawned mud and rock slides at numerous locations along the road. At park headquarters, spokeswoman Melissa Wilson says officials have no idea when they might be able to clear the road and get it open from end to end.

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