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Find A Hike, Add A Hike


    For some time now I've harbored an idea to add another category to my blog. It'd be called "Trails I've Hiked," or something like that, and touch on the many national park trails I've stumbled down over the years.
Hikipedia_copy    Well, despite best intentions, I just simply haven't gotten around to it. Lack of time, I guess. Perhaps now that Fran has come to her senses over how the National Park Service's Management Policies should be written I'll get around to it. Perhaps.
    In the meantime, this avid hiker up in the Seattle area has launched a somewhat novel, and highly needed, venture called Hikipedia.
Lukasz Anforowicz tells me he only got the site up and running about three weeks ago, so it's fairly limited in content. While it's not limited to national park trails, it still seems like a great idea, one that you not only should check out but also contribute to.
    In a nutshell, the site provides your basic information on trails, such as directions to the trailhead, a brief description of the "pay off," level of difficulty, elevation gain, even GPS coordinates. Heck, you can even check the local forecast from the site.
    Of course, in true Wikipedia fashion, not only can you add your own hikes, but you can edit others for clarity, detail, whatever. Check it out.


It was wonderful sight on earth worth visiting in ones life time Thank you

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