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Grand Canyon Traffic Jams


    Getting into Grand Canyon National Park, if you're driving towards the South Rim, can take an awful long time. In fact, Grand Canyon officials estimate that during peak season traffic jams at the South Rim entrance station can run to five hours. Five hours. Some people don't spend that much time touring the South Rim.
    In a bid to shorten that wait, park officials have a plan: They're going to install more toll booths at the South Rim Entrance. Which makes me wonder, will that simply move the gridlock inside the South Rim's entrance?
    Consider this: There currently are 1,490 parking spots on the South Rim. But, park officials tell us, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on most summer days, there are as many as 2,050 private vehicles cruising the South Rim. At times there can be 400 cars parked on road shoulders.
    It sure will be nice when Grand Canyon officials settle upon and begin to implement their new transportation plan.

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