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Customize that Pass


    Don't you hate it when you pull up to the entrance of a national park and hand the attendant your National Parks Pass and you're immediately asked for your driver's license, so they can make sure you didn't swipe the pass from someone else?
Parkspass_copy    Well, the park system is moving into the 21st century by allowing you to customize your pass with your photo, so all you need to show the attendant is your pass for entrance. Well, at least two parks are moving into the 21st century. Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are offering visitors the opportunity to have their faces embossed on their national park passes.
    At Grand Teton, if you enter the park at the Moose Entrance Station the rangers will be happy to snap your photo and affix it to your park pass. Not exactly sure where they do it in Yellowstone, but I'm sure if you ask at whichever gate you enter they'll be able to direct you to the photo booth.

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