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Zion NP Announces Climbing Closures


    Zioncliffs_copy Springtime brings the peregrine falcons to Zion National Park  for breeding, and that means the park will soon close some of its popular climbing routes.
    Beginning March 1, the following cliffs will be off-limits to climbing while the birds nest: Mount Kinesava, Streaked Wall, Sentinel, Mountain of the Sun, Great White Throne beyond single- and double-pitched climbs, Cable Mountain, Isaac in the Court of Patriarchs, North Twin Brother, Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, and the northeast buttress of Angel's Landing.
    Climbing routes that park biologists determine are not being used for nesting this year will be re-opened in May. Cliffs that are used by the falcons will be monitored until the chicks fledge, which typically is in late July. After that the routes will be opened back up.
    To check on the status of the climbing routes, you can visit this site.

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