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I'd Like to Thank "John D."


    When I launched this blog late last summer, one of my hopes would be that it would kindle a broad dialog on the state of the national park system, that it would draw voices from throughout the country to comment on issues important to how the system is being managed and evolving.
    While thousands have read my posts in the few short months the blog has existed, a relatively small handful have taken time to comment on those posts. Most readers prefer to lurk. And that's OK, because part of my mission is simply to let national park advocates know what's going on within the National Park Service, and the fact that I've drawn so many readers is satisfying.
    But I'd like to applaud one reader, "John D.", who spent a considerable amount of time yesterday sifting through dozens of my posts and added four comments that do, in my opinion, go to the very goal I set of broadening the dialog into how the NPS operates. Keep it up John, and may others follow your lead.

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