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Bull Elk Poached in Yellowstone


    Elk are among the most majestic wildlife you'll see in a national park. And Yellowstone National Park seems to have the market cornered on elk. No matter what season you find yourself in the park, it seems elk are somewhere nearby.Yellbull_elk
    Unfortunately, one of the park's bull elk was poached the other day, apparently only for its head and antlers. Rangers discovered the animal's headless carcass inside the western side of the park about 70 yards off U.S. 191 near mile marker 29.
    The carcass was found December 30, and wildlife experts figure it was shot and killed the previous day. A $500 reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the poacher. You can call anonymous tips into Yellowstone's "We Tip" hot line at 307-344-2132, or contact Special Agent Bruce Applin at 307-344-2121.

    (NPS Photo)

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