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Republicans Express Concerns to Norton


    In my recent post connecting all the dots regarding the Bush administration's efforts to redirect the National Park Service's primary mission away from preservation, I pointed out that not all Republicans are on that bandwagon.
    In fact, Wyoming's Casper Star-Tribune is reporting that six moderate Republican members of the U.S. Senate have written Interior Secretary Gale Norton with their concerns over the rewrite of the NPS' Management Policies.
     "The primary mandate of the National Park Service to err on the side of preservation appears to be de-emphasized in the draft," they wrote. "At best, this change appears to blur, not clarify, the Park Service's primary responsibility to keep the parks protected for the future."
    The six, who include Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, added that Americans, by vast majorities, have indicated that "vigorous protection of park resources has enhanced, not encumbered, their enjoyment."

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