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NYTimes: Interior Should Heed Senate Testimony


    The New York Times has again raised its editorial voice in the ongoing saga of how the National Park Service should manage our national parks, suggesting that top Interior Department officials should heed the testimony delivered to the Senate Subcommittee on Parks earlier this week.
    A good deal of that testimony pointed out that there's nothing wrong with the current set of Management Policies and that the proposed revisions would weaken the protection of the parks. Comments from the senators on the committee reflected that they, too, were concerned about the impact of the revisions.
    Just as I pointed out earlier this week that the main voice calling for change came from a lobbyist for the motorized recreation industry, the Times picked up on that in its editorial, as well. You can read the entire piece here.
    Of course, what will be most interesting to see is whether anyone at Interior is listening...or even reading the Times any more.

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