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Outdoor Industry Slams Pombo Proposal


    Well, you can add the Outdoor Industry Association to those who believe Congressman Richard Pombo is out of his mind for suggesting that we sell off some national park units to help balance the budget.
    In deriding Pombo's proposal, Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the association, said the following:
     "Chairman Richard Pombo's proposed legislation ... is an attack not only on the National Park Service, but on the very landscapes and icons that define America. For more than 130 years, Americans have enjoyed our nation's parks by hiking their trails, paddling their waters, or reflecting on the past at historic landmarks.
     "Outdoor Industry Association and its member companies will strongly oppose any effort to destroy this legacy and include this proposal in the upcoming budget reconciliation process."
    In concluding his statement, Hugelmeyer pointed out that, "High standards are required for national parks. They are our crown jewels, the places that define America. The American people will not forgive us if we reduce the quality of their experiences in them or sell those experiences off to the highest bidder."
    Boy, he really hit the nail on the head, didn't he?

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