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Yellowstone Visitor Survives Fall into Canyon


    Retan Seth claims he was just so overcome by the view of the Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone during his visit August 3 that he didn't pay attention to the poor footing he had at the edge of the promenade area at Artist Point. He soon became aware, though, as he slipped about 40 feet down the canyonside into a drainage. Fortunately, for Seth, the drop was not dramatic, and soon there were 30 park personnel on the scene who used ropes to help get him back to the top of the canyon.
    Seth wasn't badly injured, sustaining only scraps and some minor cuts.
    More somberly, park crews still have not found the body of a Boy Scout who fell into the Yellowstone River in the northern part of the park, nor that of a concessionaire employee who crashed her vehicle into the river not far from Tower Junction. Both those accidents occurred in late June.

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