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Cooperative Conservation Update


    Well, well, well, look what's going on in St. Louie at the Cooperative Conservation Conference. Not only did the Bush administration make this an invitation only gala, but it apparently is pretty picky about what's being said. A post at the Uneasy Chair blog notes not only that presentations were cherry-picked for inclusion, but were vetted by the administration and, in some cases, even edited.
    You can read all about it at the Uneasy Chair.


Hi, Kurt, In his videotaped address to the conference, President Bush promised to make our "national parks more accessible and inviting." There was some concern among conservationists at the signal he was sending. What do you make of it? Jon

Jon, I'm guessing the president made that videotape BEFORE the handiwork of Paul Hoffman at Interior became wideknown. Obviously, if Bush thinks we need to make our parks "more accessible and inviting," then he hasn't visited one in quite a while for a little peace and quiet and spent a little time on some introspection as well as appreciating the wonder that exists in an uncut forest, unfettered wildlife that roams and interacts as it was intended, and the beauty of a trail that leads over the next mountain. Judging from the editorials that are sounding in from around the country, the president perhaps doesn't understand what Americans want from their national parks. Kurt

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