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Colorado Plateau Wild And Beautiful

Author : John Annerino
Published : 2014-04-01

John Annerino's latest book, Colorado Plateau Wild and Beautiful (Farcountry Press 2014) is a lovely homage to the unique canyon country of the Four Corners, by one of its most frequent visitors. This rugged land of canyons and cliffs, mountains and chasms, rivers and waterfalls, beckons to visitors and photographers from around the world, but few will surpass Annerino's travels, his words, and his imagery. His passion for the desert is obvious, and contagious.

For three decades he has been exploring the well-known and unknown treasures, and in this volume he will show you what he's found there. It's awesome country, in the most literal sense. And, this arid region of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico is awash in National Parks and Monuments, from the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park and Mesa Verde National Park, to hidden gems such as Utah's Natural Bridges National Monument and Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. 

While the 136 photographs in this 120-page, 12" x 11" book primarily concentrate on the area's geography, he also profiles in words and photographs those who live here, and used to live here. His photographs of native petroglyphs, ceremonial dancers, modern day explorers, and river runners show you the human element in this large landscape. And his foreword places them all in an historical context. This is a glorious, documented love affair of rock and sand, water and wind.

He writes, "Through the viewfinder, I see, the sun winks like a day star through the gray cloud bank. The rimrock glows pink and the Colorado River glimmers with light...The distant thunder and cool summer breeze soothe my spirit."

 This book will soothe your spirit, whether or not you ever visit this magnificent country. It's a sedimental journey in sandstone. Visit for a day, or spend a lifetime, as the author has done. Thank goodness he had his camera. Buy this book; it's a butte.

(Also from Farcountry Press is his companion book, The Essential Colorado Plateau, This smaller guidebook (to be reviewed at National Parks Traveler soon) will lead you to these special places, and showcases the "must-see natural and cultural features.")

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