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World War II Memorial at Night

WWII Memorial at Night; Edward Pien photographer.
Edward Pien
Monday, September 24, 2007

I've selected this photo for the week, because as you may have heard by now, Ken Burns new multi-part documentary called "The War" is being broadcast on PBS. Not only does this photo show off the new World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., it also happens to look really cool at night with a long exposure! Ed Pien has shared his motivation for taking these type of great shots:

I love taking pictures of the monuments. The WWII Memorial is particularly beautiful at night set between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial at the end of the Reflecting Pool.

Yeah, I'd agree. This particular photo was captured Canon 5D set on a tripod with a 1.3 second exposure (f10). Ed has some other terrific shots of the monuments at night that I'd highly recommend you check out on his Washington, D.C. photoset on Flickr. He's got a few more of the WWII memorial (here, and here). I nearly chose this shot below for Photo of the Week, but I liked the wide angle of the selected shot just a little better.

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