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Accessible Access At Mesa Verde National Park

Due to elevation and the nature of the cliff dwellings, many of Mesa Verde’s premier sites are difficult to access. Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and Long House are strenuous and include ladders, uneven steps, and elevation changes. However, many cliff dwellings and mesa top sites are visible from overlooks, short paved trails, and from your vehicle.

This is not a comprehensive description of all accessible facilities in the park; for more information read the park map or ask a park ranger.

Far View Visitor Center

Designated parking, restrooms, ramps, pay phones, exhibits, an ATM, and a drinking fountain. Open late April to mid-October.

Far View Lodge

Open late April to late October. 8040ft

Chapin Mesa Museum

Designated parking, restrooms, ramps, pay phones, exhibits, and a drinking fountain. Museum services include a 25-minute orientation video, a portable ramp to access exhibit rooms, and wheelchairs available for loan.

Spruce Tree House (self-guided)

There are no ladders or steps on this paved trail that descends 100 feet (30 m) with steep grades. Four benches are available for the strenuous return trip. This cliff dwelling can be viewed from a covered patio behind the Chief Ranger’s Office, adjacent to the museum.

Mesa Top and Cliff Palace Loop Roads

Designated parking, restrooms, and paved trails along each 6-mile (10 km) loop road. Binoculars are helpful for cross-canyon views of cliff dwellings, including Cliff Palace and Square Tower House.

Far View Sites

Designated parking and a restroom. The 0.75-mile (1.2 km) unpaved, level trail leads to six archeological sites.

Wetherill Mesa

Designated parking, restrooms, and picnic tables. Ride the accessible tram to paved overlooks of Kodak House and Long House. The Badger House Community trail is paved, with a slight descent from the tram stop to the archeological sites.

Mesa Verde National Park

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