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Richmond National Battlefield Park

Civil War History Comes Alive At Cold Harbor

During a two-week period back in the spring of 1864, Confederate and Union forces engaged in one of the largest battles of the Civil War just 10 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia at a rural crossroads known as Cold Harbor. On Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4, Richmond National Battlefield Park invites the public to experience the story of that epic battle that resulted in more than 18,000 casualties and led one Confederate general to lament, “It was not war; it was murder.”

Move Over Baseball, National Parks Have Trading Cards, Too

People have been collecting stuff forever. When adults visit national parks, they can collect passport stamps or pamphlets. Children earn Junior Ranger badges, though getting one takes a lot more effort and time than a passport stamp. But there’s something else out there to collect, too, and it looks a lot like baseball trading cards

Video Feature: Take A Civil War Trust History Hike

One of the biggest preservation stories of 2012 was the Civil War Trust’s purchase of 235 acres of the Gaines' Mill battlefield in Richmond, Virginia. The Trust builds such achievements on inspiring history hikes where experts introduce potential donors to unprotected “hallowed ground.” This video follows one of those hikes.

Civil War Trust Invades Richmond—25th Anniversary Celebration Of The People Behind 32,000 Acres Of Battlefield Preservation

The Civil War Trust's four day Annual Conference was held June 6th to 10th, 2012 in Richmond, Virginia, the perfect place to celebrate 25 years and the preservation of more than 32,000 acres of historic battlefields. This year's conference focused on their massive land preservation purchase at Gaines' Mill battlefield, where this weekend, ranger-led tours will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle. The

New Unit of Richmond National Battlefield Park Now Open to the Public

There's now even more to see and do at Richmond National Battlefield Park—the area's newest unit known as Rural Plains is now open to the public. The area includes an 18th century house, civil war earthworks, a walking trail and interpretive information, and an interesting human interest angle.

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