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Pinnacles National Monument

Bad News for Wild Condor Chick at Pinnacles National Monument

The birth of a chick earlier this year to a pair of nesting California condors was cause for celebration at Pinnacles National Monument, but scientists tracking the health of the young bird have bad news. Due to extremely high levels of lead in its blood, it's been necessary to evacuate the bird from its nest to a specialized facility for intensive treatment. Is lead ammunition the culprit?

National Park Service Partners With Argentine Park Service to Benefit California, Andean Condors

Two species of birds that hold tenuously to survival are expected to benefit from a partnership recently signed between the National Park Service and the Argentine Administracion de Parques Nacionales. Through the partnership, the United States and Argentina will continue to expand on previous work to benefit the future of the California condor and its slightly larger relative, the Andean condor.

Public Invited to See Release of California Condors Into the Wild at Pinnacles National Monument

The release of some of the rarest birds in the world for their first flights into the wild is scheduled for September 26, 2009, at Pinnacles National Monument. The public is invited to observe the release up to two California condors at the park Saturday morning.

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