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Peterson Cay National Park

Parks Beyond Borders / Video Feature: Peterson Cay National Park, Just One Of Many Parks In The Bahamas

Check out this short video about a trip to Peterson Cay National Park in the Bahamas. If you’re a cruiser and haven’t scoured the excursion list for the chance to visit a national park somewhere in the world—definitely start looking. It’s a best-kept-secret option as I found out with a kayak trip to the smallest of the twenty-seven parks in the 900-island nation.

Parks Beyond Borders: Hey Mon, A Million Acres of National Parks Makes It "Better In The Bahamas"

The twenty-seven national parks of the Bahamas—more than a million acres—are waiting to make any visit to this 900-island nation a premier opportunity to see another country’s national parks. That applies whether you step off an airplane, a cruise ship—or even a private yacht. The Bahamas is a major magnet for sailors.

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