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North Cascades National Park

Fishers On Track For Reintroduction In North Cascades National Park

Washington’s National Park Fund, in partnership with North Cascades National Park, is planning to release a population of fishers (Martes pennanti) into the park next winter. This follows successful recovery programs in Olympic and Mount Rainier national parks. But $80,000 is needed to underwrite the project at North Cascades.

Avalanche Strands Nearly 100 At North Cascades National Park, Rangers Carry Medicine In On Foot

Nearly 100 people have been stranded in Diablo, Washington, in North Cascades National Park by an avalanche that swept down across State Route 20. Poor weather conditions and high avalanche danger have delayed efforts to clear the slide until Monday, which led park rangers to carry medicine by foot to some of those stranded.

North Cascades National Park To Test Backcountry Permit Reservations Program

Officials at North Cascades National Park in Washington state will begin testing a backcountry permit reservations program in mid-March for popular areas in the park. The pilot program, to start March 15, stems from an increase in backcountry travelers over the past several years that has made permits difficult to obtain in certain areas of the park.

Officials Propose Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan For North Cascades National Park

More than six years after a hiker photographed what experts at the time said was a grizzly bear in North Cascades National Park in upstate Washington, the National Park Service is proposing to help the bruins repopulate the park via a recovery plan that seeks to establish a self-sustaining population of 200 grizzlies.

US Fish And Wildlife Service To Reconsider Wolverine For ESA Protections

Six months after a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service erred in its decision to deny Endangered Species Act protections for wolverines, the agency is reconsidering the matter and revisiting a past proposal to give the small predator a "threatened" designation under the act.

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