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Ninety Six National Historic Site

Revolutionary War Days On April 13-14 Prime Time To Visit Ninety Six National Historic Site

One of the best-kept secrets among our National Historic Sites is located in the upstate of South Carolina, and an upcoming event on April 13-14 offers a great opportunity to discover this fine park. Revolutionary War Days will include "two days full of fun, excitement and learning with interpretive programs and demonstrations" at Ninety Six National Historic Site.

At Ninety Six National Historic Site, Management Strives to Serve Steak on a Mac & Cheese Budget

At South Carolina's Ninety Six National Historic Site, where Americans fought and died in two Revolutionary War battles, the Park Service has been locked in a different sort of struggle. Although critical preservation and interpretation issues must be resolved, the resources available allow for little more than a holding action. It's awfully difficult to serve steak on a mac-and-cheese budget.

Special Programs in Two Parks Relive Holidays on the Frontier and in the Backcountry

What are you doing the Saturday after Thanksgiving? Two NPS areas offer a chance to skip the mall and experience the holiday season on the frontier and in the backcountry through special programs. These "frontier" and "backcountry" sites are in locations that might surprise you: South Carolina and New York.

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