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Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Park Entrance Passes Available Online

A pilot program to speed up lines at entrance stations is expanding to Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. Through the Your Pass Now program, visitors can purchase entrance and annual passes for the California parks using a smart device, such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer, by visiting

Between Two Fires: A Fire History Of Contemporary America

No one knows more about the history of wildland fire in the United States than Stephen Pyne, a prodigious scholar, prolific writer, and former wildland firefighter who spent 15 years on the ground with the North Rim Hotshots. His encyclopedic knowledge and personal experience of wildland fire are exceptional credentials for writing this book, which traces the history of wildfire in America over the past half century.

The Fire Management Program Of The National Park Service: Stall And Descent

In Part 1 of this story, Tom Nichols presented a brief history of the National Park Service’s fire management program, with reference to an article by Kyle Dickman, Fighting Fire with Fire. Dickman stated that Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ wildland fire management program is: “America’s most progressive forest management program,” and then asked: “why isn’t it being replicated elsewhere?” Part 2 serves to answer Dickman’s question.

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