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Grand Teton National Park

Centennial Series | National Parks Are A Gift To Our Youth

The slide projector whirred on the table next to my desk as Mrs. Sampson, our fourth-grade teacher, worked the balky advancement mechanism. She had purchased the Kodachromes in strips from a gift shop during her summer vacation, and the images on the screen transfixed me: vertical cliffs of white granite, waterfalls misting in midair, pine trees rising from a grassy riverbank.

Are National Parks An Appropriate Backdrop For Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue?

As the National Park Service tries to determine just how extensive sexual harassment and misconduct might be across its 20,000-workforce, questions about the appropriateness of Sports Illustrated's use of national parks to show off scantily glad models have surfaced.

Climbing Guide Was Trying To Free Gear When He Fell To His Death At Grand Teton National Park

The most unnerving moment of my climb to the summit of Grand Teton in its namesake national park in Wyoming came on the way down via the Owen-Spalding Route. We had come to the point where you have a free rappel of about 100-120 feet, and after the guide tied me into the rappel line and checked my harness and rappel device, I took a step back toward the brink of the cliff, only to have him shout, "Wait, wait," and then proceed to retie the gear.

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