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Grand Canyon National Park

Move In Congress To Overturn National Park Service's Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

While water filling stations are becoming commonplace in more and more parks across the National Park System, there are those in Congress who believe the National Park Service's ban on disposable plastic water bottles is unsafe and actually generates more, not less, plastic waste.

Vapur In Partnership To Slake Thirst Of Bryce Canyon National Park Visitors

Five years after the National Park Service found itself mired in corporate politics over a proposed ban on water sold in disposable bottles, free water dispensers are becoming more and more visible in the parks. At Bryce Canyon National Park, the recent installation of six water-filling stations was driven by Vapur, Inc., a California-based company that sells flexible, refillable "Anti-Bottles."

Agreement Reached To Reduce Pollution Impacting National Parks In The Southwest

A lawsuit filed in 2011 has led to an agreement designed to reduce pollution impacting national parks throughout the Southwest. Additionally, the settlement reached with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the owners of the Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico calls for $8.2 million in penalties and other mitigation costs.

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