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Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

An Ice Age Survivor

Muskox, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve/Jason Gablask

Dating back to about 187,000 to 129,000 years ago, muskoxen are known as the shaggy survivors of the Ice Age. Today muskoxen are found in northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. Inupiaq speakers call them itomingmak, meaning "the animal with skin like a beard" for their distinct fur that hangs down nearly to the ground.--National Park Service, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Jason Gablask

Interior Secretary Attends Global Climate Change Conference, Uses National Parks To Illustrate Concerns

Examples of how climate change is impacting the National Park System from Everglades National Park in Florida to Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska were cited by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell this week to illustrate to a global audience the threats climate change poses.

Climate Change Poses Risks Of Flooding, Erosion, And Fires To National Park Units And Their Treasures

Treasures of history, culture, and natural beauty contained within the National Park System are increasingly at risk to the perils of climate change, with flooding and wildfire likely to sweep numerous park sites across the country, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Woolly Mammoth Bones Discovered At Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Have Stories To Tell

A scattering of bones from a Woolly Mammoth that died more than 12,000 years ago are leading researchers to better understand how the landscape now within Bering Land Bridge National Preserve once appeared. Additional studies could indicate whether the animal died naturally, or was hunted.

U.S., Russia Move Closer To Sharing Their "Beringian Heritage"

Natural history and cultural heritages can't be constrained by political boundaries, which is one reason why it's good to see the United States and Russia working to forge ties through a “Shared Beringian Heritage Program." Through this program the proposed Beringia National Park in Chukotka would be linked with the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve and Cape Krusenstern National Monument in Alaska.

Applications Being Accepted for Research Projects In Denali and Other Alaskan Parks

The National Park Service and the Murie Science and Learning Center are seeking applicants for two research fellowships that are available to individuals wishing to conduct research in Denali National Park and Preserve and other arctic and subarctic Alaska national parks.

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