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The latest news from around the National Park System.

A Warm Welcome to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation To Traveler's Sponsorship Ranks

We'd like to welcome the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, the non-profit that brings bear boxes to the national park, plans to help raise funds to create a proper setting in Grand Teton to display nearly 1,500 Native American artifacts, and links younger generations to the park, to the Traveler's sponsorship ranks.

Heavy Winter Snows Create a Waterfall Show But Slow Some Openings at Yosemite National Park

Waterfall fans rejoice! Unusually heavy snows this past winter at Yosemite National Park have created a waterfall extravaganza—and some challenges for park crews trying to prepare roads and trails for the summer. Early season visitors should expect delayed openings for some high country areas.

Walls at Risk of Collapse at Historic Fort Jefferson Make "Crumbling Infrastructure" a Harsh Reality

There's good news and bad news for historic Fort Jefferson in Dry Torgugas National Park: Visitors to the park won't be directly affected, but a "recent report on instability of a section of the fort's wall indicate this side of the fort could collapse at any time."

Updated: New Approach to Yellowstone National Park Winter Use Wouldn't Significantly Alter Snowmobile, Snowcoach Numbers

A preferred approach by Yellowstone National Park officials to managing winter use in the park wouldn't significantly alter the number of snowmobiles or snowcoaches allowed to enter the park compared to recent years.

FAA Rules Might Ground Rocketman's Bid To Fly Over Grand Canyon On A 'Wingsuit'

A Swiss "rocketman" wants to soar over the Grand Canyon affixed to his "wingsuit," but his plans might not be OKed from the Federal Aviation Administration. Regardless, Grand Canyon National Park officials have told him to stay away from the park if he does take to the air.

Man Arrested For Blowing Up Restroom at Saint Croix National Scenic River

At a time when budgets are tight for government agencies and citizens alike, it's a shame when senseless vandalism results in destruction of facilities intended for the common good. That was certainly the case at Saint Croix National Scenic River, where a pipe bomb was used to blow up a restroom.

Reglueing Prehistoric Pots at the National Park Service's Western Archaeological and Conservation Center

Conservators at the National Park Service's Western Archaeological and Conservation Center are partway through a three-year project to take apart, and then reglue, more than 600 prehistoric pots collected by archaeologists.

The Case of the Indian Trader: Billy Malone And the National Park Service Investigation At Hubbell Trading Post

In The Case of the Indian Trader, author Paul Berkowitz peels back the luminous outer skin of the National Park Service to reveal a dark and dysfunctional culture, one that by his accounts at times has placed itself above the law.

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