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National Park Jumbles 2 Revealed: MOLDEC = McLeod, Etc.

To get credit for solving National Park Jumbles 2, you needed to unscramble letters in a dozen nonsense words so as to create words found in national park names.

Here are the solutions:

Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site

AILNCUP = Capulin
Capulin Volcano National Monument

MEULOGEC = Ocmulgee
Ocmulgee National Monument

XINATSW = Stanwix
Fort Stanwix National Monument

BRAROANI = Niobrara
Niobrara National Scenic River

AGROTEP = Portage
Grand Portage National Monument, Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site
Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site

HMIDEERT = Meredith
Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

NEAGMAHR = Hagerman
Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

SANEKNEW = Kennesaw
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

IHMATWN = Whitman
Whitman Mission National Historic Site

MAHLAZIC = Chamizal
Chamizal National Memorial

COATICRAMU = Tumacacori
Tumacacori National Historical Park

Congratulations to the Traveler readers who unscrambled the jumbles: Moon Pie, Eric, GeorgeS, viewmtn, s, Caprice Kutz, David Crowl, tomp2, ILoveRoadTrips, celbert, psmith3164, Kevin M, Eric Nelson, and jchappell740. All are eligible for our monthly prize drawing and a chance to win a copy of Andrew Skurka's The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide: Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail.

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