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How Much Garbage Can You Identify From Zion National Park?

How many different pieces of garbage can you identify in this photo by Jon Merryman?

It can be amazing how much garbage folks drop, unintentionally or otherwise, during camping trips to the national parks.

The accompanying photo shows a collection of items long-time Traveler reader Jon Merryman and his son collected from Campsite No. 7 in the South Campground of Zion National Park before they left the park. How many can you identify?

At first glance Jon counted 10 different items. But there are more than that. How many can you identify? We'll provide Jon's answers tomorrow.


you'd never catch me swigging that "In-Bev" Bud Lime crappolla... I see future archeological sites... but do agree humans must be much more aware of their environmental impact, and no impact areas mean NO impact

Ah yes, there WERE plenty of cigarette butts (about 20) but I opted not to pick those up. Hate 'em.

that was my first thought...I can't walk anywhere and not see cigarette butts!

If you're picking up trash you might as well pick all of it up!

I believe the silver bottle caps with yellow logo are smirnoff ice bottle caps

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