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Read What Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan, And Others Have To Say About The Traveler

May 28th - 18:35pm | Rick B.

Still only with the negative focus, eh Backpacker? What an uncomfortable way to chose to live.

May 28th - 15:51pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Would love to see Burns do a piece on the NPS under Jarvis.

May 28th - 14:46pm | Lee Dalton

beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeP!

May 28th - 13:22pm | George H.

NPT isn't usually one to toot it's own horn, but in this case... beep beep. 

May 28th - 09:01am | Rick B.

Yup - good stuff here.

May 28th - 05:11am | Rebecca Latson ...

Kurt, this is wonderful!  You know Ken Burns?!!! (insert "Wow" emoji here).

3 Days In Heaven

May 28th - 18:26pm | C. Aviles

Sounds very appealing. But to justify the costs for such a short trip from afar, how about telling the readers from the east coast the best cost effective options to fly close to Glacier park?

May 28th - 13:13pm | Ken Kemp

Good article and good advice.  I hope to get back here someday.  It has been years since my only trip here; but I, and two of my sons, hiked numerous trails for a total of about 60 miles in the few days we had to spend in the area.

Backlog Of Deferred Maintenance In National Park System Takes Roughly $600 Million Drop

May 28th - 12:08pm | Lee Dalton

It's nice to hear a little good news once in awhile.  Even if it is just a LITTLE good news.  Maybe there's a glimmer of hope out there. 

Why I Believe In National Parks Traveler And Why You Should, Too

May 28th - 09:03am | Rick B.

Great pictures - in particular, I could gaze at your image of Delicate Arch for a long time and just dream.

May 28th - 05:41am | Rebecca Latson ...

That *is* good news, Lee!  Thanks for sharing.

May 24th - 23:02pm | Lee Dalton

Nice . . . . IF it works that way. Unfortunately, it takes someone with pockets deeper than the developers.   Too often, greed has even deeper pockets.   This is one more reason why we need protection for public lands. 

May 24th - 18:47pm | ecbuck

Nice - the way it should be done. 

May 24th - 18:36pm | Lee Dalton

How about if I share a little GOOD NEWS for a change even if it isn't directly connected to this story? Needles Outpost, located just outside the entrance to Needles District of Canyonlands National Park has long been coveted by land developers who were drooling over visions of dollar signs flowing from an expansive development of condos and trophy "homes."

Traveler's Tips for a Spring Break Visit to Big Bend National Park

May 27th - 23:16pm | TXhiker

"Campsite reservations are not taken from April through November, because the campgrounds rarely fill during those months."   Thanks for this note, I just booked a hotel in Alpine, and was worried about the space in campground.

Former Northeast Regional Director Worked Out Confidential Deal With National Park Service

May 26th - 23:51pm | Lee Dalton

No, EAC, please don't let one or two or even more slimebags color your vision of ALL NPS personnel.  The vast majority are certainly not at all like this clown.  Unfortunately, we have a government that has become addicted to money and power and politics.  It starts at the very top and "trickles down" from Congress and now from the White Asylum.

May 26th - 20:08pm | EAC

31 years in the NPS and I've never been so embarrassed to work for the agency. My morale has hit rock bottom because of crap like this. If I was caught breaking the rules for something 1/2 as bad as this I would have been out the door in a heartbeat. This scumbag gets to keep his job and we can't even be sure he was forced to pay back the money he stole.

Comment Time Running Out For Bears Ears National Monument

May 26th - 19:19pm | Deb Baral

All national monuments should be preserved. Period. Please do not use them for mining or real estate development. Government can think of other ideas for boosting economy, for example train bottom 50% so that they can support themselves.

May 25th - 20:04pm | Christine Lee

Please keep Bears Ears National Monument intact.  

May 25th - 18:41pm | Patrick R Vigil

Please, hands off OUR Crown Jewels, OUR National PArks and Monuments.   It is simply clear that while Utah desires to take our lands in order to turn them over to "Traditional Mormon families" in order to sustain a now dead and dying life style, it simply will not work.  

May 25th - 17:42pm | Robert Grant

I am a hiker, camper, photography buff who travels extensively in the West.  The most valuable experiences I have are in the Grand Staircase Escalante area.   The Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante deserve preservation both for recreation and Native American important sites.   They should not be mined, logged, drilled.  

May 25th - 15:31pm | Mike Lein

Dear Secretary Zinke; I will keep it short. I am a hunter, a fisherman, and outdoors enthusiast who travels west of the Mississippi. I have most of my adventurers on public land and fully support more of it and more protections for it. The Bears Ears National Monument deserves the designation. Please don't mess with it and others.

Toddler Dies After Drinking Citronella Oil at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Campsite

May 26th - 16:08pm | HillbillyJim

Someone has to be the responsible adult in the room and unfortunately society is forcing (or asking) government to do it more and more due to the fact adults are less and less adults and more and more irresponsible 40 year old teenagers. If you are going to be an adult or even moreso a parent, then act like it and grow up and be a responsible example.

Some Members Of Congress Want The National Park Service To Lift Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

May 26th - 11:45am | Anonymous

This is Rick B, on a Kindle in a relative's fancy car with a mobile WiFi hotspot, but without my passwords. I'm typing with fat fingers on a touchscreen so please forgive typos.

May 25th - 23:50pm | [email protected]

I hate to chime in so late on a topic whose sides are so entrrenched.  Still, having just returned from several days at the North Rim Grand Canyon (so much more than this argument!), I felt like the message there was being appropriately conveyed.  A multi spigot water station with clear educational graphics was one of the first things seen when coming from the parking lot . .

May 25th - 22:50pm | Angela Caldera

Rick; ebuck is the kind of person who HAS to be right.  I admire and thank you for your writings but he will never stop.  Horrible person.  I've written to Kurt about him, he really makes this website  uninviting.  I am a Yosemite campers (60 years) and used to enjoy all the information and comments.  Not so much anymore.

May 25th - 20:41pm | Rick B.

He just doesn't care. Period.

May 25th - 17:24pm | ecbuck

About 5 million cubic yards or less than 1% of our annual landfill load.  And that is assuming no recycling. By the way, fueling 1.3 million cars would be .49% of the fuel spent on cars and fueling 190,000 homes would be .15% of the homes.

May 25th - 17:12pm | Lee Dalton

"I am not concerned about any of those issues and apparently neither are the people that buy 50 billion plastic bottles a year. " Yup.  That has been made nauseatingly clear for a long time.  But some people in America do care.  Some of us are sincerely interested in being good stewards of our little planet.  

May 25th - 14:19pm | ecbuck

Nothing wonderous about.  Its called doing research rather than spouting off baseless speculation. As to your linked propaganda, I am not concerned about any of those issues and apparently neither are the people that buy 50 billion plastic bottles a year. 

May 25th - 14:17pm | zardoz

people don't ever leave convenience stores with water bottles. the concessions did their part! take that, libs!

May 25th - 14:03pm | Lee Dalton

Wowser.  Will wonders never cease? How about this one, though?  Plastic bags, bottles and other plastic products are one of the biggest and worst environmental challenges we face these days.  Anything that can be done to cut it down should be applauded and supported.

May 25th - 14:01pm | ecbuck

David, I believe the concessioniares would only be responsible for the waste at their facilities - restaurants, campgrounds, hotels, marinas ..... where most the the trash would accumulate.  Park facilities without concessions such as visitor centers or bathrooms the responsibility likely falls on the parks.  

May 25th - 13:43pm | Anonymous

The man who demands links from others hates being held to the standard. Typical.

May 25th - 11:35am | David Crowl

Does that mean just at the conceessioners store or throughout the whole park where there are trash containers. Does the Park service not pay for any trash service through out the park?

May 25th - 09:08am | ecbuck

Didn't know you were so helpless.  Here is an example - the current prospectus for Lake Mead Page B-12 Section 7A2

May 25th - 07:59am | Lee Dalton

" Its in the Franchise agreements.  Go read them."  That's not proof.  Provide a link.

May 24th - 23:24pm | zardoz

and they sell amazing bottles of water that only end up in their garbage cans! what will xanterra think of next!?! we are blessed to have them selling keychains from china and water bottled just down the road that is the highest high tech. why can't people other than ecbuck and me see that?!

May 24th - 23:18pm | ecbuck

Proof Lee?  Its in the Franchise agreements.  Go read them. 

May 24th - 23:07pm | zardoz

i didn't know that xanterra ran its own landfills. what a terrific company! and whats good for xanterra is good for america's public lands!  

May 24th - 23:05pm | Lee Dalton

"  It is the concessionaires that are paying for disposal. It is part of their franchise agreement. " Really?  Proof please.  Or this an example of Republican Socialism?  

May 24th - 22:22pm | ecbuck

exactly the taxpayers are already paying for disposal. No they are not.  It is the concessionaires that are paying for disposal. It is part of their franchise agreement. 

May 24th - 21:21pm | zardoz

exactly the taxpayers are already paying for disposal. it's just profit-maximizing behavior at the expense of taxpayers and what's wrong with wasting their money? nothing as long as there is profit to be had! milo minderbinder was a hero!

May 24th - 20:53pm | ecbuck

it's common sense for contractors to maximize waste. Yes, if the net revenues that generate that waste exceed the cost of disposal, it makes absolute sense. Which is why the consessionaires were selling water bottles.   Do you think they would sell them if they lost money?  

May 24th - 20:04pm | zardoz

"Ergo, reducing waste, whatever the number, provides little if any benefit." exactly. reducing waste doesn't matter. it's common sense for contractors to maximize waste. they aren't holding the bag. why aren't people listening to this guy more? Rick is being really unfair to old people like ecbuck!

May 24th - 16:45pm | ecbuck

SJ may have a point.  The NPS website stops providing Congressional Reports after 2011 and scanning the Congressional Record aournd March of 2016 I can see no such presentation.

Bearable Times At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 26th - 11:00am | Rebekah Craig

I would like to encourage the secretary of interiors to preserve bears ear national monument.  Wild, protected lands are part of what makes our country so great and unique.  It is an important legacy that my generation has enjoyed and I feel it is our charge to ensure that future generations will experiance pride and enjoyment in protected lands like this as well.

Heading To The Parks This Memorial Day Weekend? Expect Crowds

May 26th - 00:04am | [email protected]

And iff we embrace the concept that parks are for all, we nede to be thankful for these opportunities to present these special places to new users.  Those of us who have loved enough, cared enough, recognized the value of our 80 passes until we could do the senior thing, . .

May 25th - 19:11pm | Megaera

AKA why I don't visit national parks on the fee-free days, either.  I'm lucky, I have a flexible schedule, so I visit where and when I know the crowds will be smaller.  I feel sorry for the people who can't do that.

Op-Ed | Some People Have Always Hated National Monuments—Until They Love Them

May 25th - 05:22am | [email protected]

Katahdin Woods and Waters. National Parks Conservation Association. 'Spiteful and Destructive': Maine Gov. Bans Road Signs to Obama-Designated Monument Looks like you'll have to trust your map if you want to find the newly designated Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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