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What To Make Of The Alt Movement Today?

Nov 20th - 16:12pm | micah Morrison

I'm the chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch and have investigated Democrats and Republicans for decades. I wrote a book about Yellowstone National Park. Earlier this year, a concerned citizen from Greater Yellowstone contacted me about "Ominous Ann" and the AltYellowstoneNatPark Twitter account.

Nov 20th - 12:52pm | Retired_NPS_Person

In my opinion, the main premise and question of the article is not only valid but timely.  The ALT gov sites popped-up as critics of the Trump administration providing information and resistance to inform the public of the administration's political agenda.

Nov 20th - 09:56am | Joan Anzelmo

Oh hey there "Ann Ominous" or "Ominous Ann" or "Marcus Aurelius Modified" or whatever name you are going by at the moment. Ominous Ann/Ann Ominous, running the Twitter @AltYelloNatPark account is not a female or a Yellowstone National Park Employee employee or representing a group of park employees and scientists in around Yellowstone. His Twitter profile is a masquerade.

Nov 20th - 08:37am | Rporter610

Joan, you sound like a bitter Republican who doesn't want the public or park supporters to fight back against the Trump Administration's attempts to reduce the size of parks and monuments, allow oil drilling, weaken the ESA, etc.  I support all the Alt park sites that are trying to get real science out to the public.

Nov 20th - 06:58am | Joe K.

I don't know why most people assume these accounts are legit. When they first started I saw a number of posts with British spelling (i.e. "colour," "centre," etc.). Virtually impossible to prove someone's location on social media.

Nov 20th - 00:45am | Glad2bretired

A good reason to thoroughly research any cause, however noble appearing, that is asking for money.

Nov 19th - 22:01pm | [email protected]

Thank you Joan Anzelmo for your informative post, I share your concerns. 

Nov 19th - 20:14pm | Concerned Park ...

I, too, have noticed the very same things you've mentioned and have been suspicious of @AltYelloNatPark since about May time frame when I offered to give them a hand on something. For someone claiming to be a researcher, they have no knowledge of how to use word processing programs and their grammar is positively atrocious.

Nov 19th - 13:40pm | Joan Anzelmo

Thank you NPT and Kurt for researching and reporting on the troubling questions regarding [email protected] and its multiple fundraising campaigns. I am a former Yellowstone NPS employee and lots of the info being tweeted by the @AltYelloNatPark account included inaccurate park info.

Nov 19th - 12:08pm | CHOH Ranger

Interesting article on the ALT Movement.  I have followed (on Twitter and Facebook) some of the ALT accounts you mention in the article.  Personally, I feel their message of push back becomes diluted when they repost or Tweet topics not related to the environment or (DOI) management practices.

Nov 19th - 03:25am | Parkie2007

What about the > $25k that Ominous Ann raised on Gofundme to "hire a UN lawyer to try to get all parks World Heritage status?" And the other campaign to support art in the park's that didn't get much support so it was taken down and money returned "if you want me to return it?" Her current campaign, to pay for research, keeps setting higher goals.

Just Four Days Left To Comment On Proposed Surge Pricing For National Parks

Nov 20th - 15:23pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Our comments will have ZERO bearing on these fees.  Public comments have never mattered to the NPS.  But I expressed mine nonetheless.

Nov 20th - 14:07pm | glad2bretired

Joshua, there is no hypocrisy here.  NPT is a non-profit charitable entity performing a public service by publicizing issues related to the National Park Service.  Many of these issues are seriously under-reported in the media.  The National Park entrance fee increases are, in my opinion, excessive.  Especially coming at the same time the Federal Government is drastically re

Nov 20th - 13:24pm | Anonymous

You can't see Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosrmite, Desth Valley etc in a day.   

Nov 20th - 12:35pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Actually, Joshua (or Ponzi McFlower or whoever you are called in real life), it's op-ed.  The editor-in-chief of this site was stating his opinons about surge pricing, for legitimate reasons.  If you read the entire article and read past articles, then you'd understand those reasons, even if you don't agree with them.  This site allows for commentary by anybody, and it's not funded by the feder

Nov 20th - 12:24pm | Kurt Repanshek

Joshua, thanks for raising this issue. The Traveler is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization. We are not tied to the federal government, we receive no tax revenues, but rather depend on contributions from readers and grants from foundations and organizations.

Nov 20th - 11:35am | Rick B.

Joshua - please expand and connect your logic? Kurt is independent here, he needs donations, and he isn't hypocritical.

Nov 20th - 10:56am | tvlberry


Nov 20th - 10:04am | Joshua

The height of hypocrisy is whining about proposed park fee increases only to request donations for "Independent" journalism.

Nov 20th - 09:45am | Darin

Secretary Zinke,

Op-Ed | Volunteers In The National Parks

Nov 20th - 07:49am | Rebecca Latson ...

Volunteers are great ... as long as they have the right temperment, are dedicated and responsible and possess the right training.

Study Finds That Giant Sequoias Are Being Impacted By Drought Driven By Climate Change

Nov 19th - 12:12pm | Rick B.

And every person who speaks to you only in broad generalities is full of bovine fertilizer and is always wrong. Sheesh. Real life is in the shades of grey, Jay.

Nov 18th - 19:16pm | Jay

Come on people, you all don't really believe this crap? Those trees have seen drought and fire many times over hundreds and thousands of years. The climate has been and will change for thousands of years.This crap is all designed to steal Americas wealth and control the poppulation. Every prediction that has been made has been false. All research has been proven to be a fraud.

Nov 18th - 10:00am | Richard Hencke

There needs to be more controlled burns to reduce the burden of all the little white firs and others growing up in the shade of the giant Sequoias. They compete for water and compete with baby Sequoias. The natural history of the groves is light wildfires every 10 to 20 years which makes more liveable for the Sequoias by reducing this competition.

Nov 17th - 10:32am | Rebecca Latson ...

At the risk of crazy thinking, I wonder if "reducing the density of competing smaller trees..." would be construed as an open invitation to permit commercial logging within the national parks not only to "reduce the density" of those smaller trees, but of the stressed sequoias as well.  You know - to give those other sequoia groves a chance.  I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if this occurred

Nov 17th - 09:57am | Lee Dalton

I'm sure Zinke and drumpf will soon label these studies as "Baloney."  Yet not a word from the Groper In Chief or his DOI secretary about the 210,000 gallon oil leak discovered yesterday.  Disgusting.

Op-Ed | An Easterner's View Of The Proposed $70 Entrance Fee

Nov 19th - 12:10pm | KBenzar

 It would have to be done with the cooperation of the Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Agriculture. And what makes you think that would be a problem?

Interior Secretary Calls Outrage Over Proposed Park Fee Increase "Baloney"

Nov 18th - 22:48pm | trailadvocate

Seriously, Hillary merits anything, anything at all?  What does Hillary and her husband merit at this point?  Maybe a Weinstein movie script.  Sorry someone invoked Hillary in this.  Not making any points in the argument.

Nov 18th - 10:25am | y_p_w

ecbuck: You are a little confused Bill, that was Hillary.

Nov 17th - 23:04pm | trailadvocate

One would have to admit there is a whole bunch of baloney coming from the left of center recently.  Geez!

Nov 17th - 21:56pm | [email protected]

Must agree Glad2bretired

Nov 17th - 17:14pm | Glad2bretired

Instead of calling outrage to his doubling of Park entrance fees "Baloney", maybe Secretary Zinke should start listening to those who don't agree with him.  Then, maybe, he would worry less about the "Loyalty" of his employees.  I think Zinke's commanding officer in the Navy knew what he was doing when he evaluated the current Secretary as unfit for promotion into leadership positions

Nov 17th - 09:01am | Lee Dalton

We can only hope, Smokies, --- and vote and work hard to try to get other concerned Americans that their votes are important.  Unfortunately, there are many out there who seem to think it's hopeless.

Nov 17th - 08:43am | SmokiesBackpacker

Lee, it is becoming more evident daily that Trump's goal is to completely erode all that is good about American society from the top down.

Nov 16th - 22:44pm | Lee Dalton

And now even the endangered elephans of Africa aren't safe.  Will any of the really valuable things of the world survive the onslaught of drumpf and his buddies?

Nov 16th - 21:58pm | ecbuck

especially as he jets around the country selling off our precious natural reosurces to forighn entities.  

Natchez Trace: It's A Parkway, Not An Interstate

Nov 18th - 21:36pm | Cornell

Any idea of what stretches of the parkway the tickets are given on? Years ago, I was told to avoid the stretch between Natchez and where the parkway passes near Jackson, MS. because it's heavily used during rush hour by commuters going between those two cities.

Climate Change Is Driving Changes In Wildflowers At Mount Rainier National Park

Nov 18th - 09:03am | wild places

argalite, what I "get" is you have been so brainwashed that you can't even consider that some species will thrive, that there will be both good and bad and winners and losers. How many species thrived due to the end of the ice age? Was that a bad thing? Or is your goal to return to that period? If not why not?

Nov 17th - 13:49pm | argalite

Wild places, I'm not sure you "get" it.  Lots of things will go extinct because of this.  We are not discussing needing to shed a coat.

Nov 17th - 11:57am | Rick B.

I am reminded of reading the writings of Seth Kantner, who was raised in a dirt hut in subsistence lifestyle in northern Alaska. Over the course of his life he has watched the changing latitude and the changing time of reappearance of the foliage around him. Living off the land remotely, he was very attuned to these changes, their effect on wildlife, and so on down his food chain.

Nov 17th - 11:30am | wild places

What is fascinating to me is how we seem to have decided that the most recent period of time is the "ideal" climate for some reason. I assume that because that is what we have all shaped our lives around and are the most comfortable with. This despite the fact we live in vastly different climates already.

Nov 17th - 10:18am | Rebecca Latson ...

This is a very interesting article.  When I visited Mount Rainier July 5th and then again July 7-12, I couldn't believe the amazing varieties of wildflowers blooming.  Among the species, there were a plethora of avalanche lilies and glacier lilies blooming up at Paradise. I tried to photograph as many as I could, but know I missed many species.

Nov 17th - 09:27am | Lee Dalton

I'm sure Zinke and drumpf will soon label these studies as "Baloney."  Is the goal of these creeps the complete destruction of the hard won environmental progress of the last 40 years?

Increase In Ranger III Passage To Isle Royale National Park Proposed

Nov 17th - 13:38pm | RodC

I have been to the island many times and have found the park to be very well managed but lacking money at times.  I have no problem paying more for the rides there and back.

Wild Horses in a Georgia Wilderness? Cumberland Island National Seashore Completes Annual Count

Nov 17th - 12:43pm | Lisa

Why can't yall leave feed and hay for them.  I'm sure you can get donations to take care of this.  They are wild so I don't think they would grow dependent upon it.  It would just supplement their diet.

Photography In The National Parks: The Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park Part 3 – Paradise

Nov 17th - 10:43am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks for the kind words!  I truly believe everybody should be able to return from a national park visit with their own amazing images, no matter whether the shots are from a pullout or captured during a backcountry trip.  So, I'm glad you find these Armchair Photography Guides helpful.

Nov 17th - 10:38am | mtgnppics

Ranier is still on my "bucket list".  Thanks for your help and suggestions.

OIG: Interior Department Didn't Properly Document Secretary Zinke's Travel

Nov 17th - 10:20am | Rebecca Latson ...

Jeesh.  If this yahoo had been working for the company in which I work, he'd have had his corporate credit card taken away from him, pronto and not been allowed to travel any longer on the company's dime.  Of course, I guess there is a difference between traveling on a corporation's dime versus traveling on the United States taxpayers' dime.

Nov 17th - 08:39am | SmokiesBackpacker

In a normal environment where public officials were accountable to the public, he would be asked to step down.

Nov 17th - 00:26am | Glad2bretired

After the previous finding of travel fraud against him while in the Navy, Secretary Zinke claimed to have learned a valuable lesson.  I don't think so, as he has neither cleaned up his act, nor has he learned how to better hide his indiscretions.

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