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Missteps in the Parks

SPOT – The Good, the Bad and the Silly Uses for Those High-Tech Communicators

SPOT units are compact communication devices that can be used to summon help in event of an emergency in remote areas. SPOT can be a life-saving tool, but false alarms by inept users can also be a problem. Recent incidents in two parks illustrate the potential and the pitfalls of modern technology.

Upon Further Review: Sometimes Chicken Soup Just Isn't Good for a Ranger's Soul

The wide variety of duties performed by park rangers is part of the job's appeal, but some tasks are clearly less desirable than others. Responding to a hazardous materials spill falls into the "negative" category, but in rural America, the definition of "haz mat" can include some pretty bizarre substances.

A Romantic Miscue Led to a Helicopter Rescue at Great Falls Park near Washington, D.C.

Eagle 2 is a U. S. Park Police helicopter used in the Washington, D.C. area and it's participated in some dramatic missions. Few, however, have involved a more unusual situation than a recent rescue at Great Falls Park—and it all started with a romantic miscue.

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