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Missing From the System

NPCA Officials Pushing For Transfer Of Valles Caldera National Preserve To National Park Service

Valles Caldera National Preserve is an ecologically rich 89,000-acre swath of land in New Mexico, one with a long human history and with a spectacular history of volcanism. And it's an area that National Parks Conservation Association officials believe would best be served as a unit of the National Park System.
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Missing From the System? Tule Springs Harbors Ice Age Fossils In An Urban Setting

Not far from the bright lights and card tables of Las Vegas there's a stretch of desert so relished by developers that street names were attached to blueprints of suburbia. Now, though, that landscape and its unique collection of Ice Age fossils is being promoted as the country's next national monument.

Missing From the System? Fort Monroe, Preserving Civil War History

There are many areas across the country -- both wondrous landscapes and rich pockets of American history -- that arguably would be strong candidates for inclusion in the National Park System. Fort Monroe, a Civil War-era fort in suburban Virginia, is one such candidate, as this story explains.

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