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Mystery Photo: Where In The National Park System Is This?

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After a long, long hiatus, the Mystery Photo returns to the Traveler. How sharp are you? Have many parks have you visited? How is your memory of those visits? Bottom line, where was this photo taken, and what is it?

Tomorrow we'll show you the entire shot.


I have no idea but I will take a stab and say Nymph Lake in Rocky Mountain NP.

Looks like a scene familiar to those passionate about Crater Lake's Trails

showing conifers colored with yellow-green lichen framed by volcanic stone work

an Italian stone mason would be proud to exhibit !

My new guess is the sign says Mt. Triumph in North Cascades.

Guessing Yosemite,   is the dome in background....


Another thought, since Oregon's Crater Lake's landscape and flora are similar

to Lassen Volcanic National Park, this photo may be taken near a trail or

road at Califnornia's Lassen V.N.P. ?  Conifer leaves/needles, lichens suggest

true fir and pine, both common in the Cascadian montane zone.  Lassen is ca.

the southern boundary of the Cascades Mtns.

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