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Quote For The Day: Ed Abbey On Grizzly Bears And Humans


Well, the grizzlies are awakening in the Northern Rockies, so this quote from Ed Abbey seems pertinent.

“If people persist in trespassing upon the grizzlies' territory, we must accept the fact that the grizzlies, from time to time, will harvest a few trespassers.”


Nice quote of the day. I like that it foregrounds a couple of unfortunate assumptions.

Well ...... an interesting way of saying: If you want to hike & camp in the mountains, educate yourself and go prepared!

Not to worry...they will soon be "managing" grizzly bears as they do wolves...

Timothy, some places already are. But nobody talks about it.

"So meet a bear and take him on out to lunch with you. Even though your friends may stop and stare. Just remember that's a bear there in the bunch with you. And they just don't come no better than a bear" ~ Steven Fromholz

I guess someone shoulda informed George Custer and his men about this quote; only exchanging the word "grizzly" with "Native American?"

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