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The View From Clingmans Dome At Great Smoky Mountains National Park


National park vistas often are breathtaking. They practically beg you to head off into the landscape. The way Andy Drinnon captured the view from Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park does just that...but it also stands on its own as a thing of beauty for the way he captures nature.

Mr. Drinnon, a Tennessee-based photographer, amassed this compilation of still images, timelapse video, and raw footage during four days in September from locations near Clingmans Dome and from the observation tower situated at the summit. It primarily features two sunrise sequences that sandwich daytime and twilight footage.

We think you'll enjoy it.


Since my trip to Smokey Mountain did not include Clingmans Dome due to the Gov't Shutdown, thanks for sharing (or pooring salt in my wounds...LOL).


I've never had a chance to visit the Smokies and probably never will, so I really appreciate things like this. I understand now, too, where the name came from.

Dang! Too many fantastic places to visit and too little money. I guess I just need to count my blessings and realize that where I live places me in the middle of a whole bunch of fantastic places right close by. All we have to do is protect them, love them, and enjoy them.

I've been there twice. Unfortunately, both times this was the view:

Obviously, you need to improve your timing, ec;-)

And my technique for inserting pictures.

Fortunately, only a short ways away, I got this one:


Thanks for sharing Mr. Drinnon's images. Beautiful work!

When I was there in 1999, I remember thinking that the view tower wanted to be the old Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise on Mt. Rainier when it grew up.

The view is spectacular from up there, but I have to say my most lasting impression of Clingman's Dome was all the dead trees -- I know they're from a bug that got brought over from Europe and decimated the Fraser fir population, but they look so much like a forest fire went through...

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