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And May's Winner Of A Vapur Element Water Vessel Is....


Sukisherwood is the winner of a Vapur Element bottle.

A deep field qualified for our monthly prize in May, that of a Vapur Element water bottle.

So many readers qualified -- 40! -- that the Quizmeister will be heading for the woodshed if he can't put some teeth into his quizzes.

Rather than dull a pair of scissors cutting up the list of winners for the "flutter test" that we've used to determine past winners, this time we turned to the dart board. From three paces off, and multiple tosses, the dart finally found a winner -- sukisherwood.

Sukisherwood, if you'll contact us with your mailing address, we'll get your Vapur Element in the mail as soon as possible.

The winner of June's drawing will take home the latest edition (No. 7 if you're counting) of David and Kay Scott's book, The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges.

Traveler footnote: Those folks at Vapur are really on the ball. When I visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park last week I found the Element on sale in the park's visitor centers.

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