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And February's Winner Is....David Crowl!


David Crowl has won a Freedom of the Hills deck of playing cards from The Mountaineers. Each card features a mountaineering tip. And when you're holed up waiting out the rain, the cards come in handy for a hand or two of poker or solitaire.

Congratulations to David Crowl, who successfully negotiated Traveler's February puzzlers to win a deck of Freedom of the Hills playing cards from The Mountaineers!

Throughout the month's series of Mystery Spots and Mystery Photos, more than two dozen readers successfully solved the puzzlers and were entered into our highly unscientific drawing for the deck of cards.

The drawing consisted of writing the qualifiers' names on pieces of paper, then tossing them from the top of a staircase at Traveler HQ. The piece of paper that traveled farthest was declared the winner, and David's easily out-distanced the pack.

David, if you'll email us with your address, we'll ship the cards ASAP.

Everyone who successfully identifies the Mystery Spots and Mystery Photos in March will qualify for a drawing of a copy of David T. Page's An Explorer's Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada, 2nd edition.

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