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Whiskey Bend Road In Olympic National Park Reopens To The Public



Whiskey Bend Road, the 4.5-mile road that connects Olympic Hot Springs Road
to the Whiskey Bend trailhead in Olympic National Park, has reopened to public vehicle access.

“We are pleased to invite the public back to the Whiskey Bend Road and trailhead,” said Olympic Superintendent Karen Gustin.  “While the road is open again to driving and trailhead access, we remind visitors that all areas west and downhill of the road remain closed for public safety.”

Areas west and downhill of the Whiskey Bend Road are closed due to dam removal activities and quickly changing sediment conditions around Lake Mills.

“Safety is our highest priority, so these areas must remain closed at this time,” emphasized the superintendent.

The road had been closed to vehicles since December 2010, when winter storms caused extensive damage to the road. During an assessment of the damage, road engineers discovered large voids where log cribbing beneath the road had eroded away, seriously compromising the road’s stability and motorists’ safety.

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