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Traveler Welcomes Eastern National and O.A.R.S.


At the Traveler we'd like to welcome Eastern National and O.A.R.S. to the organizations and businesses whose support helps make it possible for us to bring you daily coverage of the National Park System.

A cooperating association that has been developing educational and interpretive materials for units of the National Park System since 1947 and an outfitter that can take you down rivers in some of the West's most iconic national parks are the latest organizations and businesses to help keep the Traveler on-line.

Eastern National

Since 1947 Eastern National has been producing educational and interpretive materials for units of the National Park System. Today the non-profit cooperating association produces materials for more than 150 units. It might be best known for its Passport to Your National Parks, a pocket-sized book in which you collect park cancellations that track your travels through the park system.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Passport, and Eastern National is celebrating that milestone with a 25th Anniversary Explorer Edition weatherproof portfolio that features larger (4-and-three-quarter inches by 7-and-three-quarter inches) park pages than the original Passport. This binder also features several pockets into which you can stick things such as your annual parks pass, pens or pencils, flashcards for your camera, even maps.

Order yours at this site.


Experience the scenery, wildlife and natural history of 10 of the U.S. West's most popular national parks with O.A.R.S. Enjoy a multitude of activities on your national park adventure from whitewater rafting and hiking to photography and learning about geology, local history and more. O.A.R.S. has designed unique one- to 19-day itineraries exploring these iconic national parks—just a short flight or car ride away.

O.A.R.S.offers a variety of national park packages, whether you spend a half-day kayaking in Yellowstone or 19 days exploring the Grand Canyon, the choice is yours.

Thanks to the support of Eastern National and O.A.R.S., along with that of our other sponsors and advertisers and individual donors, we at the Traveler are able to continue our daily coverage of life, news, and commentary on the world's greatest national park system.

We invite you to visit their sites and review their products, trips and programs. They offer great ways to explore the national parks.

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Welcome Eastern National!
It's great that they're supporting National Parks Traveler.

I bought my two granddaughters National Parks passports. I won't leave them land or jewels but I hope to leave them the love of National Parks. WHo knows how many they'll have before they're old enough to visit the parks by themselves?

Danny Bernstein

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