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Warm Up to Ice Fishing at Voyageurs National Park


You can learn all about ice fishing on January 30 at Voyageurs National Park.

Think ice fishing is little more than cutting a hole in the ice and dropping a line into the water? To learn some of the nuances, plan to visit Voyageurs National Park later this month for some tips from a pro.

Nadine Meyer will share such ice-fishing tips as how to build jiggle sticks on January 30 at the park's Rainy Lake Visitor Center. Then you'll head out onto the ice to see what you can catch.

Understandably, park officials suggest that you "dress warmly and wear appropriate foot gear for the outdoors. All participants will be able to fish without a fishing license for this catch and release activity. Bait and tackle will be provided."

The program runs from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is open to all ages.

The "MinnAqua" program is one of the aquatic education program for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that combines lessons on sport fishing with information on ecology, resource management, and conservation, according to a park release.

Visitors are encouraged to come early to browse through the museum, check out the winter displays in the interactive area, and go snowshoeing or skiing.

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