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Dining At The Parks: Big Drop Omelets On The Colorado River Through Canyonlands National Park


For your next river trip menu, consider Big Drop Omelets, a creation of the guides from Holiday River Expeditions. Photos courtesy of Holiday River Expeditions.

OK, you've landed your permit for a float trip through Canyonlands National Park, or Dinosaur National Monument, and you're faced with creating a menu for a crowd of famished paddlers. Consider serving up "Big Drop Omelets" for breakfast!

Feeding big river groups is no easy matter, especially when your kitchen consists of metal tables and propane-fired grills and griddles. Here, though, is a tasty egg dish served up by the guides at Holiday River Expeditions that you might consider for your next float trip.

Big Drop Omelets (Named after the Big Drops in Cataract Canyon)

Feeds 15

Eggs 36
Cheddar Cheese, grated 3/4 lb.
Mushrooms 3 cans
Olives 1 6oz can
Diced green chilies 2 7-oz cans
Tomatoes 2
Avocado 2
Sour cream 1/2 pint
Black pepper, Mrs. Dash, garlic,parsley as needed

Controlled griddle temperature contributes about 90 percent to the success of this breakfast. Preparedness, set-up and confidence contribute to the rest.

Drain the mushrooms and chilies. Drain and chop the olives. Arrange the mushrooms, chilies, olives and cheese on a cutting board. Slice the tomatoes and avocadoes into wedges, arrange on a second cutting board.

Scramble eggs with a small amount of water. Spice eggs as desired. Preheat griddle (9'x11" will make 3 omelet's at a time) and lightly grease. Test the temperature of the griddle by sprinkling a few drops of water on it; if the droplets dance, it is hot enough.

When the griddle is hot, pour some egg batter to cover. There should be only a thin coating of egg. The omelet cooks fast, so immediately sprinkle grated cheddar cheese down the center length of the pan. Make three mounds of sour cream, chilies, olives and mushrooms. When the egg is cooked, divide into three equal parts width-wise by cutting with spatula. Fold ends of the individual omelets into center; garnish with tomato wedge and avocado slice. Serve omelets directly off the griddle. Repeat until everyone is served.

If you've got a smaller group, here's the ingredients list for six. Follow cooking instructions above:

For 6 People

Eggs 1 dozen
Cheddar Cheese, grated 1/2 lb.
Mushrooms 1 4-oz can
Olives 2 4-oz can
Diced green chilies 1 7-oz can
Tomatoes 1 small
Avocado 1
Sour cream
Black pepper, Mrs. Dash, garlic,parsley as needed

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