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Civil War Flag, Dress Coat, and Sash To Go On Display at Gettysburg National Military Park


This battle flag from the 149th Pennsylvania will go on display at Gettysburg National Military Park in July. Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission photo.

A flag that flew during a Civil War battle at Gettysburg, along with the dress coat and sash of a Union officer killed in battle, will go on display at Gettysburg National Military Park in July.

Three objects items will be exhibited beginning July 16 at the park's museum thanks to a contribution from a group of miniaturists and artists. The battle flag of the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment will go on display for the first time at Gettysburg and the dress coat and sash of Captain Isaac Nicoll of the 124th New York Infantry will go on exhibit for the first time ever.

The 149th Pennsylvania was in heavy fighting on the first day of the battle of Gettysburg. Captain Nicoll’s infantry unit, the 124th New York, was also known as the "Orange Blossoms." Captain Nicoll was killed during intense fighting on the second day of the battle, when the Orange Blossoms defended against a Confederate assault on the Union left flank near Devil’s Den.

The display of these objects was made possible through a donation of $7,012 from the Artist Preservation Group, historical artists whose mission is to generate capital, through fund-raising and donations, to aid in the preservation and restoration of threatened historical sites and/or artifacts. The Artist Preservation Group provided funding for conservation work on the historic objects, which was necessary before they could be placed on exhibit.

The flag of the 149th Pennsylvania Infantry is on long-term loan to the park from the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

"We are very grateful to the Artist Preservation Group for their financial support and to the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee for their efforts which is allowing us to properly conserve these pieces and bring them to the public for the first time in a museum environment," said Superintendent Bob Kirby.

The objects will be on display beginning July 16 for up to two years.

The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center is located at 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg. There is an admission fee to visit the museum exhibits. For tickets or information about how to visit call 877-874-2478 or go to


The battle flags are properly known as colors. Regiments were issued two colors, national and regimental. The American flag pattern is the national colors. The state flag pattern is the regimental colors.

I am a relative of Capt. Isaac Nicoll. He was my grandfather's uncle, who also was named Isaac Nicoll. He was killed at Devils Den, Gettysburg. I have visited there. Capt. Isaac Nicoll is buried in the Nicoll Plot along with my grandparents and his parents etc. at the Washingtonville Cemetery, Washingtonville, NY. I have a picture of him in his full military uniform. My question is how did they get his dress coat and sash to go on display?

Hello Ms. Mandia,
Captain Isaac Nicoll was my Great Great Uncle. My grandparents are also buried in the cemetery with him. It would be fun to connect and compare family history.

Are replicas of the 149th PA Vols. battle flag available?

Hello Ms. Mandia and Anonymous,
This Saturday, July 02, 2011, the Cornerstone Masonic Historical Society and Lodge 711 will be conducting a Masonic grave side memorial service in honor of Captain Isaac Nicoll. We would be honored if you and/or any other family members of Captain Nicoll would join us to honor him.

I apologize. My comment/invitation should have been addressed to Ms. Mandia and Ms. Reily not Anonymus, Thank you.

This Saturday, July 2, 2011, Cornerstone Lodge # 711 and Cornerstone
Masonic Historical Society will be conducting a Masonic grave side
memorial service for Captain Isaac Nicoll. Captain Nicoll was a member
of the 124th New York Infantry (2nd Brigade 1st Division 3rd Corps.) aka
The Orange Blossoms, and The Newburg Masonic Lodge. He was killed in
the line of duty at Gettysburg on July 02, 1863 and was finally buried
in Washingtonville Cemetery. It being
the anniversary of his death and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War,
we, the Freemasons and Historical Society, would like to honor Captain
Nicoll for the service he gave his life for. The events following his
death provide an interesting and touching story that show the bond and
brotherly love Freemasons show or should show one another.

and all are invited to attend. We are also attempting to invite the
124th Regt NYS Volunteers, Hudson River Lodge, the local papers, and
officials of the community. We will begin the memorial service at 11am
at Washingtonville Cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery is a less then
well marked driveway on North Street between Rt. 94/East Main Street
and Ahern Blvd behind the Brotherhood Winery. North Street is one
block east of route 208. If you are heading east on Rt. 94 you will
make a left at Stewarts and go about 3/4 a mile and look for the
entrance to the left. If anyone has any questions please do not
hesitate to ask .

Best Regards,

David Roman
(845) 234-3177

 Helllo Stephanie Reily,
 I would love to hear from you so we could compare family history. My mother was Mary Nicoll, daughter of Ethel and Isaac Nicoll of Washingtonville,NY My email address is [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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