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"Why I Want To Be a Park Ranger When I Grow Up"


This sketch, Wall of Saddle Pass, was drawn by Kathleen Heideman during a stint as artist-in-residence at Badlands National Park.

From time to time on the Traveler we mention various openings for artist-in-residence positions in national parks, or announce which artists win these coveted spots. Kathleen Heideman recently completed her sixth stint as an artist-in-residence, at Badlands National Park.

An artist as well as a poet, Ms. Heideman wrote a poem, "Why I want to be a park ranger when I grow up." She describes the poem as her "wide-eyed-child ode to Park Rangers!"

In honor of National Parks Week, we recommend you give it a listen. You can find the recording at this page on the Badlands National Park website.


I loved this poem! In fact, I was tearing up a bit. I don't know why. I'm 54 years old, and I want to be a Park Ranger, too!

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